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Meet our 2018 Cuba team: Steve and Emily Yang

Posted by Jose Garrigo in Global & Local Missions
8 months ago | 5983 views

Hi, this is Steve & Emily! This is our first mission trip with Truro—we’re super excited! We both grew up in socialist China, a similar system as that in Cuba where material shortage was dwarfed by the scarcity of Christian faith. Being able to sympathize with the Cuban people from our experiences, we hope to share our conversion stories from atheists to Christians and God’s abundant blessings in our life to encourage them and strengthen their faith. We need your prayers for the Holy Spirit to keep us safe and healthy and enable us to do the work for the Glory of God.  Thank you! __

 Would you support in prayer Steve and Emily?

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Debbie Hatfield

This is great news, and I’ll be praying!    Greetings to you all from … Singapore airport!

Chris Tiller

Yes, I will be (am already) praying for you on the Cuba trip. Blessings! Chris

Jose Garrigo

Thank you to both of you!

Jeannie Light

I will be honored to pray for you and for those you meet along the way.

Carole Maier

Yes Emily and Steve – Jack and I will be praying for you.  We are so excited for you!

Martha Kuskey

Absolutely, we would be delighted.  We love you both and will be praying for your Cuba trip, starting this very day!  Love, Ken and Martha Kuskey

Sylvia Belizario

Of course, I will be praying for you!

Karen Kirk

Absolutely will be praying & supporting you both.

Moses Perrone

Many blessings to both of you, Steve & Emily on your Cuba trip.  I will certainly pray for you.

- Moses

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