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40 días de amistad: David y Jonatán

Relaciones: David y Jonatán Lectura: Libro 1 Samuel 18-20 Lectura principal: 1 Samuel 18:1-4 Contexto: 1. Capítulo 18: ¿Cuál es el pacto entre David y Jonatán?...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in Comunidad en Truro

40 días de amistad: Rut y Noemí

Relaciones: Rut y Noemí Lectura: Libro de Rut Lectura principal: Rut 1:11-18 Contexto: 1. Capítulo 1: ¿Quién es Rut? ¿Cómo comienza la historia? 2. Capítulo...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in Comunidad en Truro

Noche de familia. Traigan a sus hijos.

Noche de familia.  Traigan a sus hijos.  29 de enero a las 6:30: tendremos una noche de familia como cierre del curso de padres.  Venga con sus hijos.  Será...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in Comunidad en Truro

200 People Gather for the launch of SPTC

On Saturday Jan 16th, 200 people gathered in the Undercroft for the launch of St Paul’s Theology Centre (SPTC) with Jane Williams as keynote speaker. Jane spoke...
Posted by Matt Hemsley in Truro Anglican
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Semester meeting for Volunteers in TIPS

A group of volunteers for TIPS met this Saturday from 2:00 to 4:00 PM at the Curran house to share, pray and plan.  It was a great time of fellowship and to share...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in TIPS (Truro International Programs and Services)
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Alpha ESOL started!

Today we have made history at Truro!  God has blessed us with the beginning of Alpha ESOL.  It was simple and it was great.  A person who came to observe said,...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in TIPS (Truro International Programs and Services)

The 3 Wisemen at Sunday School!

“But wait—there’s myrrh!”
Posted by Mary Anne Keena in Family Ministries

Merry Christmas 2015

Lidia and I want to wish you and your families the best for this coming year.   We also wanted to share with you that our granddaughter, Elisabeth, was born on...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in TIPS (Truro International Programs and Services)

¡Feliz Navidad 2015!

On December 13, Cominada at Truro celebrated Christmas at the Curran House and then we went together to Carols by Glowsticks.  God gave us a perfect day to eat,...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in Comunidad en Truro
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Trunk -or- Treat 2015

A little late, but nice job everyone on your Trunk or Treat spirit! Thank you for helping to make a safe environment for our neighbors to bring their kids, and for...
Posted by Michael King in Young Adults
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A great start to Signs of Love class

We’ve had a great turnout the first few weeks at Signs of Love class, led by Brent Orrell in Common Grounds. Feel free to join us any Sunday at 10a for a guided...
Posted by Hannah King in Amore at Truro

Kids got a close up look at the baptisms!

This was such an awesome moment- congrats to all who were baptized this past Sunday!
Posted by Mary Anne Keena in Childcare

The World Meeting of Families

Posted by Meghan Graham in Truro Anglican
Tory%20with%20emphasis%20img_2296_thumb Tory%20emphatic%20img_2282_thumb Tony%20and%20i%20with%20pope%202%20img_2202_thumb

Curran House Renovation Nearing Completion

Many wonderful volunteers and skilled contractors have done a great job transforming the 19th century Curran House into a beautiful new home.  A few final touches...
Posted by Jim Wilkinson in Truro Anglican
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Need firewood? I know where ya can get some!

Folks – My neighbors across the street from us in Burke, Ed and Holly Charlesworth, had a very large tree in their front yard taken down, but they did not pay to...
Posted by Bob Tate in Staff

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