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Curran House Renovation

Posted by Meghan Graham in Truro Anglican
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Alpha Serie Jóvenes (Alpha Youth Film Series)

Amigos, One of the parents present at Alpha Jóvenes at FHS took these pics. Alpha Jóvenes began yesterday 9 Feb 2015 at FHS. Keep us in your prayers. Enjoy!
Posted by Carlos Pellot in Staff
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Carols by Glowstick Photos

Posted by Meghan Graham in Truro Anglican
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Group Leaders Meeting Photos

Posted by Meghan Graham in Truro Anglican
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TPK Silent Auction!

Hi friends! Here is just a little sampling of items that are available in Saturday’s TPK Silent Auction. Come see a preview Friday morning in Common Grounds –...
Posted by Sarah Tarvid in Truro Preschool + Kindergarten
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¡Ciudadano Hugo Blondel!

Familia! Felicitamos a nuestro hermano Hugo Blondel en su juramentación como ciudadano estadounidense hoy!  Les compartimos las siguientes fotos y si ven a Hugo...
Posted by Carlos Pellot in Comunidad en Truro
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Fun Days at TPK!

These are the fun things we are doing at TPK!
Posted by Sarah Tarvid in Truro Preschool + Kindergarten
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Fall Kick Off

We had a great time at our Fall Kick Off. Here are so photos from the celebration.  If you are still thinking about ways you can plug into ministry at Truro, check...
Posted by Meghan Graham in Truro Anglican
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What happens when you pray to God to send Angels by Cathy Tate

As many of you know, my Mom Jean Hagan passed away on Sunday evening after a slow and steady decline from advanced Alzheimers.  It was so hard to watch my once vital...
Posted by Bob Tate in Staff
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Young Adults Retreat 2014: It was GREAT!!!

There was dancing. There was singing. There was tea. There were naps. There were 10 pounds of coffee. There were candles. There was love. There was joy. There was...
Posted by David Lilley in Young Adults
Young%20adults%20retreat%202014-retreatphotos-0059%20%281024x680%29_thumb Young%20adults%20retreat%202014-retreatphotos-0053%20%281024x680%29_thumb Young%20adults%20retreat%202014-retreatphotos-0038%20%281024x680%29_thumb

Celebrate Truro

Photos by Kelly Suh
Posted by Meghan Graham in Worship & Arts
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Canterbury Photos

Here are photos taken by Kirsten Boyd from Tory + family’s trip to Canterbury.
Posted by Meghan Graham in Truro Anglican
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March for Life Photos

Taken by Dennis Egan.
Posted by Meghan Graham in Anglicans for Life at Truro
Egan20140122%20march%20for%20life%20-%20scotus%2004_thumb Egan20140122%20march%20for%20life%20-%20poster%2011%20defend%20life_thumb Egan20140122%20march%20for%20life%20-%20george%20washington%20is%20pro-life_thumb

TIPS brunch fellowship this month

Each month TIPS celebrates birthday and anniversaries with a brunch after English class.  Many of our people are along way from family and loved ones so we enjoy...
Posted by David Case in TIPS (Truro International Programs and Services)
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TPK 5K + 1 Mile Fun Run

Photos taken by Dennis Egan.
Posted by Meghan Graham in Truro Preschool + Kindergarten
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