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TIPS Multicultural Community Kitchen

We are looking for a small group of volunteers to join the leadership team of a new intercultural outreach and community building program at Truro.

Fairfax Multicultural Community Kitchen (women cooking together) is a new program hosted by Truro Church’s International Programs and Services (TIPS). This is an effort of Fairfax women to meet our neighbors and to build a stronger community in and around the city of Fairfax. This is also an exciting opportunity for local women to connect, to learn, and to teach about each others’ cultures by cooking and eating together delicious ethnic meals. TIPS volunteers have coordinated the development of this program with our Muslim friends from the Institute of Islamic Turkish Studies. We hope that by cooking together, we will learn about the many cultures of Fairfax neighbors and grow in intercultural understanding through conversations and friendships with women of different cultural backgrounds.

For more information on how you can help, please click on the link below. Commitment is only about 2-3 hours a month. However, the impact potential is unlimited.


To participate in the upcoming events, please reserve your spot here:


May 13
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

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