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By Wes Buckley in Parents of Youth about 3 years ago | 681 views Link:

Every Sunday Night we strive to build a Youth Group that is hospitable where students feel loved and can have an experience with Jesus. One of the best ways we show hospitality is by providing them with a delicious dinner! One of my favorite things is seeing youth, who would not usually hangout together, sit down and eat together. Would you be interested in helping partner with us to help provide dinner so that students would feel welcomed and ultimately be able to experience Jesus? 

We are looking for two parents to help assist the Executive Chef, Molly Andreson, on Sunday Nights. Parents would come at 6 PM and be finished around 7:45 PM. Parents will help prepare and cook the meal, help serve, and help clean up after the meal is finished. We encourage parents, who are waiting for Youth Group to end, to spend the rest of the time praying for the program and small groups.

Below is a signup for each Sunday: Please sign up in both slots if two parents from the same family are helping (which is encouraged)! Thank you so much for your willingness to serve!

This need requires these items:

Item Date Taken by
Parent Sous Chefs 04/10/2016 Suzie Orejuela
Parent Sous Chefs 04/10/2016 Available
Parent Sous Chefs 04/17/2016 Suzie Orejuela
Parent Sous Chefs 04/17/2016 Suzie Orejuela
Parent Sous Chefs 05/01/2016 Available
Parent Sous Chefs 05/01/2016 Available
Parent Sous Chefs 05/15/2016 Kelly Weaver
Parent Sous Chefs 05/15/2016 Peter Gooding
Parent Sous Chefs 05/22/2016 Jill Wilson
Parent Sous Chefs 05/22/2016 Jill Wilson
Parent Sous Chefs 05/29/2016 Available
Parent Sous Chefs 05/29/2016 Available

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Megan Walnut

I signed up David and myself for the 24th

Marsha Foos

We’ll help with spaghetti!

Peter Gooding

Will there be youth group on 5/29? It is Memorial Day weekend, and the installation of Canon Andrew White is at 5:00 that evening. Just keep us posted.

Cynthia Brosnan

Hello! Are you going to continue serving meals this school year 2016 – 2017 on Sunday nights? We would like to see if our home group would like to help. Thanks. Paul and Cynthia Brosnan

Wes Buckley

Hey Cynthia, We will be continuing this in the Fall. We would Love your help. I will send you an email!

Cynthia Brosnan
Great, I look forward to hearing from you. Our home group is very interested in helping.
Megan Walnut

I would like to do one of these Wes!

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