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Chili for YG 2/12

Hello all, Hope you are having a great week. 

This upcoming Sunday, February 12, we will be having Chili for Youth Group! We need some help making this happen. We need 5 volunteers to make a pot of Chili and share it with the Youth Group. Would you be interested in helping supply an amazing dinner for our youth kids?

Dinner starts around 6:30 PM Sunday Night. You can bring the Chili before Youth Group starts or bring it in the morning. 

PLEASE Sign up if you are planning to bring Chili or contact me so we know how much is coming!! 

Thank you so much and I am so grateful for all the support of the Youth Ministry!

This need requires these items:

Item Date Taken by
Pot of Chili Ros Mayfield
Pot of Chili Bob Merkel
Pot of Chili Ethan Stewart
Pot of Chili Porsha Poteet
Pot of Chili Molly Andreson

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Ros Mayfield

Should be able to do this… how many is each pot serving?

Molly Andreson

Hi Ros!  I usually count 8 servings per pot. Does that works for you?  Thank you so much for your generosity!

Porsha Poteet

I’ll plan to bring to church in the morning. Should I leave it in the fridge in the main kitchen?

Wes Buckley

Yes. That would be great

Alice Hunt

If anyone is bringing chili cold, please bring it to the FM office here on the second floor Sunday morning, and I will put it in one of the church crock pots for you! We will have limited access to the Undercroft kitchen Sunday evening due to another event. Thank you!

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