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Thankful Truro Seniors Fill the Undercroft!

By Coleman Tyler in Truro Seniors 2 months ago | 3086 views Link:

A room-full of thankful Seniors gathered this afternoon (Fri. 16th) to share in a wonderful Thanksgiving feast, sing, share blessings, and give “Thanks in 3 Dimensions…”

   * Being Thankful TO… God and others.

   * Being Thankful FOR all the blessings of life.

   * Being Thankful IN… life’s hardships and trials.

Our largest gathering yet, with several new guests, which was wonderful.  Everyone is warmly invited to our noon Christmas Banquet on Friday, Dec. 14.

Happy Thanksgiving Week to all!


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Susan Eng

And we seniors are very thankful for all you do for us, Coleman.
Blessings and hugs!

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