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The Healing Power of Prayer

By Sue Hardman in Prayer Ministry about 1 month ago | 496 views Link:

A testimony to the  Power of Prayer

Carla came up for prayer after the Sunday service. Please read her testimony below.

It’s Monday morning. I slept in longer than usual, because . . . I HAD NO PAIN!

For the past 5 weeks or so, I have had trouble staying asleep, because of the pains in my shoulder and arm. By Sunday night, the pains were faint, and by Monday am, there were no pains at all.

Thank you, Lord God, for blessing me with your healing touch. You truly are the King of all Kings.


Please come forward for prayer on Sundays after communion. The Lord is there and healing his people.

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Carla Nees

YAAY! I hope my testimony will encourage many others to come forward to
experience Our God’s healing power!!

Sue, I am ready to rejoin prayer ministry actively. In my “sabbatical,” I
have accompanied Priscilla as far as I am able, gone through some more
inner healing, and, especially after this last healing, God has filled me
with the power of His glory!

I’m bringing your print up to church today, and will leave it in your
office. Going rate is $90.00, unframed. Please read the notes I’ve
included, in regards to the framing.

We (David and I) love you and Rob so much! We receive great peace in your
presence; the healing of being surrounded by God’s love. Thank you for your


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Sue Hardman

Thanks so much for your encouragement and love. Thank you for sharing your testimony. We look forward to having you back on the team.
We love you and David also.
Thanks for the print. I’ll get the $ to you.
Many blessings,

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Date: 11/30/18 9:06 am
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Tim Mayfield

Praise God!

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