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The Cuba Team Thanks the Intercessors

By Rev. Sue Hardman, The Cuba Team can not begin to thank you all enough for your faithful prayers for us. The whole trip we felt surrounded by your prayers. There...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in Global & Local Missions
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Meals Needed for TIPS

One of the ways TIPS expresses generous hospitality to our students is by providing lunch were volunteers and students can break bread and commune together. TIPS is...
Posted by Nar Coleman in TIPS (Truro International Programs and Services)
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No-Shave November for Truro Staff!

Andrew, Michael, Mike, Hugo, Brad, and Jamie are all beginning November clean shaven. We’ll post updates as the month goes on! 
Posted by Karen Rummel in Truro Anglican
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TIPS International Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is coming!  TIPS International Thanksgiving is one of our greater and more fun events.  To make this happen we need your prayer and participation. ...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in TIPS Priceless Partners

OCT. 21 Pancake Breakfast and TPK Fun Run!

Join Family Ministries as we cook and serve a fantastic pancake breakfast at the TPK fun run this year! We are in need of volunteers to help set up, cook, serve,...
Posted by Alice Hunt in Family Ministries
Comment from Alice Hunt:

Thank you so much! See you both in the morning!

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Marriage and Singleness

We had a great time on Sunday at the first event in our Nuptial Theology for Everybody series, where we heard the stories and perspectives of a variety of ages and...
Posted by Hannah King in Amore at Truro
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Gardening Tasks Around Campus

There are many areas around the campus that need work and we’re tackling them one by one.  If you have time and want to help out, check out the list of tasks below. ...
Posted by Jim Wilkinson in Garden Club Ministry
Comment from Linda Wright (FB):

How about 10:30 am on Sunday? Where?

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Cuba Team Photo Update - Additional Pictures

The Cuba team returned last Monday exhausted but overjoyed by all that they got to see and experience in Cuba. The trip went above and beyond all expectations. God...
Posted by Nar Coleman in TIPS (Truro International Programs and Services)
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The Marriage Course is happening at Truro in September!

This invaluable course helps married couples learn practical tools to build a strong and healthy marriage. During the eight-week series, couples have the opportunity...
Posted by Nar Coleman in Marriage Ministry @ Truro

Memorial Garden Eagle Scout Project - July 2017

Great job by Mat Orejuela and his scout troop who did the amazing upgrade to the memorial garden.  They cleared out ivy, transplanted several bushes, installed stone...
Posted by Jim Wilkinson in Garden Club Ministry
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Please pray for our friends going to Cuba this week

A team of 10 people (seven from Truro) is spending this week in Guantanamo Cuba, from July 8–17. Please remember to pray each day for the team: health, freedom...
Posted by Karen Rummel in TIPS (Truro International Programs and Services)
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A Beautiful Celebration Last Sunday

This past Sunday, Bp. John Guernsey was with us for a morning of Baptism, Confirmation, Reception, Reaffirmation, and First Communion. Our Bishop visits every year...
Posted by Karen Rummel in Truro Anglican
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Guantánamo, be a voice to the voiceless!

A group of 8 people from Truro are going back to Guantánamo July 8th to 17th.  The members of the team are:  Amelia Baucum; Wesley Buckley; Christopher Douwes;...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in Global & Local Missions
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Meet some of the Guantánamo leaders!

Dear Truro family, We are so blessed to be at Truro and to see Truro getting so involved with the Jesus work in Cuba!  These are some of the leaders who will be...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in Global & Local Missions
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Pentecost Sunday - June 4, 2017 - Taste of Home Around The World

Pentecost Sunday: Theme: Home This Pentecost Sunday our theme is home. What does home mean to you? How can we be a welcoming home to the many immigrants in our community....
Posted by Jose Garrigo in TIPS Priceless Partners
Comment from Jose Garrigo:


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