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Young Adults serve a Meal with Jesus

A week ago, Young Adults took a week off of our normal weekly liturgy to do something a little different. Normally, we eat, talk life, discuss and encounter Jesus...
Posted by Michael King in Young Adults
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Parent Sous Chefs

Every Sunday Night we strive to build a Youth Group that is hospitable where students feel loved and can have an experience with Jesus. One of the best ways we show...
Posted by Wes Buckley in Parents of Youth
Comment from Megan Walnut:

I would like to do one of these Wes!

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Helpers for Registration Days at TIPS

We need helpers for the two days of registration.  Registration will be on September 7 from 7:00 to 8:00 PM in the Common Grounds Parlor and September 8:00 from...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in TIPS (Truro International Programs and Services)
Comment from Jose Garrigo:

Thank you Bonnie.  You are always so helpful.  

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Doorways Conference in Fairfax October 15

Save the date for the 2016 Doorways Conference for our ESL personnel and volunteers.  Please tell your friends who are interested in ESL or communicating to speakers...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in TIPS (Truro International Programs and Services)

Global Alpha Training in Guantánamo, Cuba from Truro Anglican

Global Alpha Training to Guantánamo Cuba Thank you for praying us into Cuba, sustaining us during ministry and bringing us back.  We experienced spiritual resistance...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in Global & Local Missions
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Este domingo Emi dará un reporte sobre Cuba

Les invitamos a todos a compartir con Emi su reporte sobre su experiencia en el entrenamiento Globar de Alpha en Guantánamo.  No se lo pierdan. Domingo 17 de julio...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in Comunidad en Truro
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We are looking for volunteers for TIPS

Hello Everyone! We hope you are having a great summer.  At TIPS we are overwhelm with joy to see how easy it is to love the nations through Truro International...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in Global & Local Missions
Comment from Desmond Campbell:

Dear Bro.Jose:

Please count me in as one of the volunteers. I like to pray, greet and meet new people, and serve God’s people, And 8 is a number of new beginnings in biblical numbers. So I pray that the Lords will be done for TIPS at Truro and for all whom he will choose to serve, in the name of Jesus, Amen!

Blessings and Peace,

Bro Desmond

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Pray for our volunteers and guests this summer

Hello, summer is advancing but our TIPS activity has only slowed down a little.  Coffee and conversation continues every Tuesday in...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in TIPS Priceless Partners
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Genesis Arts Camp Counselors!

Teens, Moms and Dads, grandparents and friends are needed as volunteers in the morning sessions of Genesis Arts Camp. Sign up today to be a Counselor! Sign Up HERE!...
Posted by Alice Hunt in Family Ministries
Comment from Deborah Torres:

I signed up 12 yr old Daniel Christian (DC) Torres to help with the little kids K-1 for this week.

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Free Webinar on Immigration

There is this free webinar dealing with immigration on June 2, 2016 from 1:00 to 2:30.  You can register by clicking here: ...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in TIPS (Truro International Programs and Services)

Coffe & Conversation and Easy English Bible Study this Summer!

TIPS for the summer · June 7th and until July 26th 10:00-11:30. Place: Commons. Meet with Nancy Prichard for conversation and coffee · June 9th and until July...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in TIPS (Truro International Programs and Services)

Parish Retreat Photos

Posted by Truro Anglican in Truro Anglican
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Need for a room for Summer Intern in Merrifield

Former Truro attendees who moved away have a son who is coming this summer to Northern Virginia to do an internship for his field of study and needs housing.  If...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in Staff
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GAT to Guantánamo, Cuba

From June 24 to July 2, 2016, Truro will be sending a team to Cuba for the purpose of conducting our fifth Global Alpha Training (GAT) mission.  Nine Truro members...
Posted by Jose Garrigo in Global & Local Missions
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Room available for rent during the summer

ESL teacher is renting a room for the summer months to a young female.  The room is located near Truro.  Please contact Marjorie Parker at 703.785.8465.
Posted by Jose Garrigo in TIPS (Truro International Programs and Services)
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